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Key Persons & TOR

The key persons, comprising Executive Committee members and committee heads, play vital roles in driving the society’s success. Each has specific Terms of Reference (TOR) guiding their responsibilities, fostering community development, harmony, and progress in Gulshan Model Town.

Zone Convenor Co-Convenor Member Secretary
Zone 1
Mr. Mohammed Mohsin
Mr. Amirul Islam Chowdhury
Mr. Ahmed Jamil Ibrahim
Zone 2
Ms. Tasmin Akther
Barrister Masum Majumder
Prof. Fahd Bin Zahed
Zone 3
Mr. Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed
Mr. Md. Zahidur Rashid (Shimul)
Mr. Syed Ahmed
Zone 4
Engr. Moinul Ahsan
Mr. Morshedul Alam Chaklader
Ms. Farha Naz Shawon
Zone 5
Mr. Shayaan Seraj
Mr. Khadem Md. Raiyan Sadid
Mr. Mustafa Kamal Shaheen
Zone 6
Mr. Arafat Ashwad Islam
Mr. Ashfaque Shafi Chaudhury
Mr. Md. Ashikur Rahman
  1. Zonal Committees are the principal implementing units of all the programs developed by the EC within the respective jurisdictions of the zones. These activities will demand a large amount of their time and energy. Some of these activities would be repetitive in nature and will have to be pursued as regular routine function.
  2. However, consistent with the objectives of the Society and in consultation with the general members of their respective areas, Zonal Committees may also develop local programs that are peculiar to their zones. They may also be required to tackle local emergencies. Such issues as delivery of services relating to civic amenities or provision of utility services may be taken up directly with the concerned agencies under intimation to the President and subject to the conditions mentioned in Clause IV.
  3. Zonal Committees shall undertake membership enrolment drive and the Zonal Coordinators will certify the authenticity of eligibility claims of prospective candidates. They will be held responsible for recommending any ineligible person for membership of the Society.
  4. Zonal Committees shall not undertake any kind of business other than those mentioned above and, in particular, they shall not
    1. Engage in any discussion on their own with any local or foreign agency for developing any program in their respective areas:
    2. Seek any financial assistance or sponsorship, on their own, for any program in their areas
    3. Plan or carry on activities that foster animosities among the residents on controversial issues or engender hatred or misunderstanding between people of different sect, race or religion.

Gulshan Model Town is situated in the greater part of City Corporation Ward No 19. The area of operation of the Gulshan Society corresponds to the area of the Model Town including the Gulshan Lake. The area as such is not that big for delivery of various civic services: it is the density of population and number of households that need to be considered in organizational design.

In the Model Town the density of population is around 6000 per km2 in about 10000 households. For an efficient discharge of its responsibilities, the Society, at the time of its founding, divided the entire area into six zones. This was a necessary first step but fell short of the much needed autonomy for the Zones to pursue their local activities.The newly elected Executive Committee took note of this deficiency and has now rewritten the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Zonal Committees to give them enough freedom to take care of local problems. The new TOR envisages a much bigger role for the Zonal Committees. They are conceived as the eyes and ears of the Executive Committee and in that role they will be the points of reference for all activities irrespective of whether these are initiated by them or by the EC itself.

The Zonal Committees will be the building blocks in the design of plans and programs for the entire command area and will be the principal implementing units of such programs within their respective jurisdictions. They will also carry on membership enrolment drive and be responsible primarily for the verification of authenticity of eligibility for membership according to rules. To ensure their role, all zonal coordinators have been made ex-officio members in such Standing Committees as Membership Committee, Community Policing and Traffic Committee, Civic Services and Utilities Committee and Lake Management and Environment Committee.

The EC expects that these changes would bring about a new dynamics in the operation of the activities of the Society and facilitate better service delivery to the members of the Society.

Formed in 2002, Gulshan Society represents the residential inhabitants of Gulshan Model town in Dhaka. It advocates for property, habitat, and livability, fostering fellowship through social, cultural, and advocacy activities to create a peaceful, secure, and harmonious environment for its privileged members.


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