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Membership opens the door to a world of opportunities, connections, and growth. Joining our community allows you to contribute, collaborate, and make a meaningful impact. Experience the power of belonging and be part of a collective journey towards a brighter future.

General Qualification

This Society shall be composed of persons who own a house/apartment in Gulshan or permanently reside in the area as a spouse or as immediate family member (son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law) but shall exclude minors and students and who shall pay admission fee as fixed in the bye-laws. Provided that no more than two persons can become members from any one house/apartment.

Categories of Members

Life Member

An applicant must be either an owner of a residential property in Gulshan Model Town or a family member of such property in addition to other relevant general qualifications prescribed for all categories.

BDT 25,000 Life Membership Fee

Senior Citizen Member

Those aged sixty years or above, qualifying for Life Membership, can join as Senior Citizen Members. This category acknowledges their contributions and grants them access to unique benefits and privileges.

BDT 10,000 Senior Citizen Membership Fee

General Member

An applicant who has all the qualifications to be a Life Member or a Senior Citizen Member may choose to become a General Member by paying a lesser amount of initial fee and from next year by paying an annual renewal fee.

BDT 5,000 General Membership Fee

Associate Member

An applicant or any member of his family who does not own any residential property in Gulshan Model Town  but has been a resident for at least one year on the date of his filing the application is eligible to become an Associate Member.

BDT 5,000 Associate Membership Fee

Corporate Member

All private and public limited companies with a paid up capital of at least Taka 25 lac who have their local offices within territorial limits of Gulshan Model Town are eligible for admission as Corporate Member on One-time payment of Taka 5,00,000 ( Taka five lac) only. An entity shall be entitled to nominate only three representatives subject to the condition that they fulfil all other necessary conditions to be a General or Associate Member of the Society.

Any person having the qualification of membership as prescribed in the preceding articles and desirous of becoming a member under any one of the above five categories shall apply to the President of Gulshan Society in the prescribed form along with the specified admission fees and annual subscription and upon approval of the Executive Committee shall become a member of the Society in that category.

BDT 5,00,000 Corporate Membership Fee

About Membership

Gulshan Society membership presents an exceptional opportunity for residents of Gulshan Model Town to actively participate in shaping their community.

By becoming members, individuals gain access to a platform that fosters collaboration, unity, and continuous improvement. Membership in Gulshan Society cultivates a sense of belonging, promotes positive change, and allows for a collective effort in creating a peaceful, secure, and harmonious living environment for all its members.

Formed in 2002, Gulshan Society represents the residential inhabitants of Gulshan Model town in Dhaka. It advocates for property, habitat, and livability, fostering fellowship through social, cultural, and advocacy activities to create a peaceful, secure, and harmonious environment for its privileged members.


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